Postpartum Issues

Motherhood can be very overwhelming and as such, women often neglect themselves in service to their families.  You deserve to enjoy this precious time in your life and working through any issues that may have arisen can enhance your joy. 

Common issues addressed include but are not limited to:

  • Postpartum Anxiety/Depression
  • Balancing work/stay at home life
  • Anxiety/Sadness/Guilt
  • Parenting/Discipline/Boundaries
  • Co-parenting with a spouse or ex-spouse
  • Family of Origin/Childhood Issues

Post-Partum Depression:  PPD is a relatively common condition that many women face in varying degrees.  Often medication and talk therapy are the preferred treatment course. 


Are my symptoms part of the baby blues or post-partum depression?

What are the risk factors for post-partum depression?

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